Delegate subdomain to Netlify


I have to link my site in netlify to an external sub-domain. I only want to link the sub-domain, not the whole domain. I have read the instructions netlify provides but I have a doubt.

When I add the sub-domain DNS to my netlify site do I have to add all the DNS or only the sub-domain ones?
When this is done the only thing left is to change my sub-domain’s name servers to my assigned custom hostnames in netlify, right?

Thanks a lot for the help!

HI @c17,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

You can delegate a stand alone subdomain with Netlify DNS by following our doc here:

In the docs, is used as an example. Using the subdomain as the example, you would go to your account’s Domains page, add a domain and enter You would then verify, then if everything checks out, you would add the subdomain. You’ll then continue and get a list of 4 Name servers to add at your registrar.

At your registrar you would create name server records for the subdomain ( using the example subdomain) and use the Netlify name servers. You may need to reach out to your registrar on how to add the name servers for the subdomain.