Unable to attach domain to netlify

I am unable to add my domain to netlify which I wanted to host my site (deployed using GitHub). I have purchased my domain name from get.tech (efficientcoder.tech). I don’t know how to add it to netlify. Help me!!!

It would be helpful to know what you have tried.

When you first log into app.netlify.com, right under your team name you should see a Domain option.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 9.52.06 AM

If you click on that, it should take you to the Domains page (shocking, right?), where you should see a button to click to add your domain.

Where are you getting stuck?

There are a few different ways to attach a domain to a site deployed on Netlify. Assuming you’ve already registered a domain name, you can add it to Netlify in one of the following ways, which are documented in more detail here.

  1. If you purchased the domain through Netlify, configuration is done for you. All you need to do is point it to the site via the “Domains” tab as indicated by @gregraven above. If your domain wasn’t purchased through Netlify and you don’t wish to add it to the Netlify DNS system you’ll want to add it to your site’s domain settings rather than using the domains tab.

  2. If your domain was registered somewhere else and you want to use Netlify DNS (read more about it and its features here) you can follow this article to get started.

  3. If your domain was registeres somewhere else and you want to continue to use your current DNS provider, you can follow the external DNS guide to configure an external DNS provider to point to Netlify.

Hope this helps.

Hi, @yogesh-aggarwal, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

It appears this domain was added to Netlify DNS.

However, I’m showing that our DNS servers were added to the existing name server (NS) records for this domain. Instead, the existing records should be replaced with the Netlify DNS servers.

Here is what I found when I checked:

efficientcoder.tech.	3600	IN	NS	cont603385.mars.orderbox-dns.com.
efficientcoder.tech.	3600	IN	NS	cont603385.earth.orderbox-dns.com.
efficientcoder.tech.	3600	IN	NS	cont603385.venus.orderbox-dns.com.
efficientcoder.tech.	3600	IN	NS	cont603385.mercury.orderbox-dns.com.
efficientcoder.tech.	3600	IN	NS	dns1.p03.nsone.net.
efficientcoder.tech.	3600	IN	NS	dns2.p03.nsone.net.
efficientcoder.tech.	3600	IN	NS	dns3.p03.nsone.net.
efficientcoder.tech.	3600	IN	NS	dns4.p03.nsone.net.

There are two sets of name servers above but there should only be one (either the orderbox-dns.com set or the nsone.net set, but not both).

Would you please consult the documentation of your domain registrar for instructions to replace (not add) the name server used for your domain? If this is done, enabling Netlify DNS should be complete.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

It appears as of this morning that efficientcoder.tech is pointed to the Netlify name servers, but the SOA is still with mars.orderbox-dns.com. I wonder if the Netlify DNS records were added to the DNS records at get.tech, instead of replacing the get.tech DNS with Netlify DNS?

Yea, I did a whois query and see the following:

% whois efficientcoder.tech | grep "Name Server"                                                    :(
Name Server: DNS1.P03.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS4.P03.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS3.P03.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS2.P03.NSONE.NET

It looks like as you said, the new nameservers were in addition to their existing nameservers instead of replacing them. For things to work, only the ones Netlify provide should be configured.

If that’s the case, you can buy it directly through Netlify if you want. There is a big advantage there in that it automatically gets set up to work perfectly, so it’s easier myfordbenefits