Lost account info, Another site is using this domain


I have a custom domain on google domains seratistech.com, this domain currently points to hardcore-bartik-946058.netlify.app.

My problem is, I have lost my account information (the one with hardcore-bartik-946058.netlify.app), so I have created another Netlify account(the one I am using right now to write this post) and I have built a new site with the domain earnest-brioche-3cb3ab.netlify.app.

Of course, when I try to add my custom domain seratistech.com to earnest-brioche-3cb3ab.netlify.app, I get “Another site is using this domain”.

I have found this post Support Guide as a solution, but I was wondering if an email can be sent to the owner of this -hardcore-bartik-946058.netlify.app- web site so I can maybe find my account information (the owner is me but I do not know which email address I used to create the account! ).

If this fails then I will try the solution which is offered by the support guide above.

Can you please help me?
Thank you

The email address that was used on the site is:


where * represents a redacted character.

Hello again,

Two accounts in question are used by our company, so unfortunally no one knows what email adress that is. Because we lost account information relevant to hardcore-bartik-946058.netlify.app, we need to use our seratistech.com domain on earnest-brioche-3cb3ab.netlify.app with this new account I am using to write this post.

This is our custom domain’s (seratistech.com) DNS settings. I followed the before mentioned support guide and added new TXT record to prove I am the owner of this domain. Is this okey? Do I need to do something else? Can you free seratistech.com so I can use it on this new account (earnest-brioche-3cb3ab.netlify.app) ?

Thank you

Hi, @Seratistech. Thank you for making the verification DNS record. Now that the verification is complete, please feel free to remove it anytime.

The domain has been removed from the other team. Adding the domain to your sites should be successful now. ​Please let us know if you still see errors adding the domain to your sites or DNS zones.

Edit: To prevent downtime, I activated the domain on the site you said it should resolve to. If you want to add it to a different site, you must first remove it from the current site here:


Problem is solved and new site is working.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @Seratistech :wave:t6:! Thanks for stopping by the forums! We appreciate you coming back and providing us with feedback your domain issue has been resolved. Have a great day/night! :netliconfetti: