Lost Access to my Microsoft Authenticator app, now, I can't change the authenticator app from my netlify account. Any help please?

I have a Free tire Netlify account. I enabled 2 factor authentication on that and managed the auth code generation with Microsoft Authenticator.

My phones Android OS crashed few days ago and I had to replace the battery of my phone, had to factory reset the whole thing and forgot to manage Microsoft Authenticator backup codes or transfer to another device before everything gets wiped. No have no backup codes. No access to recent Microsoft Authenticator setup. Therefor I can no longer generate auth code to login to my Netlify accounts. Fortunately I am still logged in to my netlify account. But I want to change the authenticator app from my account settings.

I tried to contact Netlify support, soon realised that I can not do that on Free tire. On the Support page I was diverted here, so I trie to yell HELP here in the community.
I have no idea how to delete and add a new authenticator app to my account.

Any help or pointing the right direction would be very much appreciated! :pray:


:wave: Welcome to the community @ChaionSaha

Sorry to hear about the phone troubles! If you’re still logged into Netlify, you can disable 2FA in the Netlify App then reenable 2FA and that should allow you to configure a new authenticator app.

Let us know how it goes!