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Is there a way to connect the Netlify functions to an external logging tool? I’m owner of Logre.IO and I would like to provide some integration with it and Netlify for some users.


We don’t have anything like that at present, but are working to develop some way of exporting logs. I’ve added this thread and your contact info to our open feature request on the topic so our product team can contact you if they ever consider implementing something like that.

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I see there is a simple log functionality here https://docs.netlify.com/functions/logs/#log-contents, I’ve been wondering if an API to log drain is coming soon.

hey there. We’ve been a little short staffed this week, but we’ll get you more details as soon as we can. thanks for your patience!

Hey @BrunoQuaresma,
Updating this with new information: it turns out that we are planning to make improvements to our logging in the next several months which will likely include API access to logs. This will probably be part of paid plans. We’ll update here when there’s more to share!


Is there any update on the progress of this? We are currently evaluating Netlify Functions and we’d really like to be able to export the logs into our logging platform so we can start observing and alerting from them.

We’ve made a few improvements to the function logs UI:

You can now more easily copy, search, and pause logs within our UI- if you have dozens or hundreds of invocations per minute and used to wrestle with trying to actually read the logs as they were being printed, you’ll appreciate that one.

A log drain API is still on the roadmap, but no firm timeline I can share at the moment. We’ll definitely update this thread when we have more to share.

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any updates on the Logging topic here?

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hey @evbruno ,I’m trying to get some updated information for you on this. I’ll let you know if someone gets back to me!

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