Netlify Log Drains: Export to Five Providers or Create Your Own Integration

Log Drains feature update! :wood:

Developers, rejoice! Netlify Log Drains can now export traffic and functions logs directly to any of these five external monitoring providers:

Additionally, our general HTTP endpoint solution now supports both JSON and NDJSON formats, making it even easier to “create your own” Log Drains integration.

Check out our latest blog post for more information!

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How can I activate the logdrain service? Can it be used in scheduled and background functions? Thanks.

hi there, did you give the blog post linked above a read through? it contains some setup guidance. I am not sure about using them with scheduled and background functions, but i don’t see why not.


At this time, background functions are not available via log drains. Hopefully we can deliver those in the near future. However, scheduled functions logs should be available in log drain output.

Hope this helps!

thanks Matt! Appreciate the extra info.