Cloud integrations for Netlify Log Drains

In the fast-evolving landscape of website and application development platforms, efficient log management is the cornerstone of maintaining operational excellence.

Log drains, the unsung heroes of zero-config observability, are the conduits through which Netlify helps you communicate your websites’ activity and performance with your preferred monitoring platform. They allow you to extract valuable insights, troubleshoot issues, and fine-tune your applications for optimal results.

Many of our Enterprise customers are already familiar with Netlify’s Log Drain feature. Through traffic logs, lambda function logs, Edge function logs, and Deploy logs (new!), we enable development teams to monitor their workloads in real-time. This means they can troubleshoot code and function performance issues, observe traffic for malicious activity, pinpoint issues that cause builds and deploys to fail, store logs for deeper inspection, and more.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest rounds of improvements to our Log Drains feature, including three new logging provider integrations, support for addiitonal log types, and more.

Read more about these new additions here!