Console Logs Not Showing in Netlify's Function Log

Dear Support,

I’ve been having this problem for the last month or so, but I’m hitting my breaking point with it. I’ve been working on a feature using Netlify Functions (lambda functions) and I regularly throw in console.logs to log the output since I’m working with several 3rd party APIs. However, I’ve noticed that your Function Log ( is unreliable. Sometimes it shows the console logs, other times it doesn’t. Sometimes it shows old console logs. This makes testing extremely frustrating as right now I’m not receiving any of my console logs so it makes it difficult to fully diagnose my errors. I’ve noticed the inconsistency of logging for the last month or so and I’ve seen in other topics that this issue has been raised, but there doesn’t seem to be a resolution.

Hi Joe,

As far as we know, function logs are now reliable - we should always and only show you the last hour’s logs. Hard to be sure whether the logs are missing or whether there are no function executions (specifically for that deploy preview - did you know that functions are scoped to deploys, and the one you linked will ONLY work for URL’s like ?)

Are you not seeing that for the past week or so which is when we deployed the more reliable logging service? Do you see the “invocation” logs but not your own text?