Function logs not loading anymore

Hi @fool I’m facing this issue as well:
here is my

it just hangs there forever.

I saw it used to be working.

If you need any more information , please let me know.


Hey @franva,
How are you triggering that function? And could you please share your function code so we can take a look?

I’ve also moved this to it’s own thread since multiple replies in a single thread can be hard for us to keep track of, and we want to make sure we help you get unblocked :slight_smile:

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Hi @jen,

I thought once I opened a Function Log page, I would be able to see logs since the current deployment.

But it seems that after I opened the Function Log page, I have to make at least one call to the api in order to see logs, which is not intuitive.

Is this behaviour by designed or not?

More details here:



answered you over here --> Function log hanging forever :slight_smile:

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