Issues with Foresty CMS after Netlify git committers change

My newest issue is that I use the CMS. The CMS editor (my customer) has changes which now can not push because they are blocked by another contributor’s push. Can someone at Netlify like @fool confirm whether it is possible to skip over a non-user’s commit? Because as it stands, it seems like if any GIT user pushes to my main branch, that creates an unstoppable block which causes Netlify to refuse even VALID subsequent commits by PAYING members. Not awesome. It looks like the intention there is to block ‘cheating’ your gated deploys by having someone else commit. But in this case, the CMS now has a ten edit backlog because on April 28th a subcontractor changed something and merged to the production branch. So, I’m not gonna buy the subcontractor a Netlify account. That’s not even up for discussion. How do I get the CMS edits to flow?


Hey @f3rg,
Could you please share a site subdomain so we can look into this further?

OK, so here is my question. What specifically is supposed to happen when a non member commits, and then a paying member commits subsequently? Does the subsequent commit from a paying seat get pushed?


@Jen, awaiting your clarification, when you have time. Thanks!

@jen We are also waiting a reply…

Hey there, @f3rg :wave:

To answer your follow up question, the paying member’s commits will go through even while there are pending deploys from non-members. The pending deploys from non-members will be skipped, and they should not impact the ability of future builds to go through. Here is an example screenshot of what you will see:

@existo, I assure you that our team as well as additional leaders at Netlify are working to get you support and answers on your threads. Thank you for your continued patience.

For everyone following along at home, @hillary has confirmed this as a viable workaround for the per-seat pricing model.

To add it to the obvious list, some options are:

  • Have a single “blessed account” that is capable of triggering the builds and set that up a “Team Member” (or the only “Team Member”) in Netlify

  • Utilise a webhook called after commit to trigger your builds

  • Perform your CI at a completely different provider (or locally) and then ship the results to Netlify via their CLI

The problem of course with any of them is that it’s “more work” that is wholly unnecessary for a “developer friendly” system.

The other much bigger problem is “risk” as Netlify have revealed themselves to be an unstable foundation for working on and building a business on. Not in regards to technical capability which seems solid, but simply in regards to their goals, ethos and behaviour as a business.

If they can deploy a “small change” on a Friday that multiplies your businesses “locked in” cost by many times over, it indicates a pivot from a “developer focus” to a “corporate focus” and we’re all at risk of being collateral damage.

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Thank you. This was decidedly not the behaviour I was seeing last Friday but perhaps the kinks are being worked out, and I’m happy to accept that as a bug not a ‘feature’. I’m really glad it’s not such a draconian thing as halting a project’s deployments if a contributor is not a Netlify member. Of course, yeah, I don’t understand how you’re going to make all this mess enforceable in a world where web hooks exist, but you in the support and forums world seem like nice people doing your best, so I’m sure we can all get along! As in all other threads… I don’t mind my bill increasing. But it’s the illogic of it all that’s kinda scary.

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hi f3rg, glad to hear its working better now and thanks for the kind words even in the midst of what is obviously a messy situation for everyone.

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Hi there, we have just released some more information about pricing changes.

here is a thread with a link to our blog:

In order to keep conversation all in one place, please continue the discussion there.