Issue with logging to netlify using Email and Identity

As a new user.
When attempting to log in to my Netlify account a message prompted ‘Account Suspended’
i tried using my identity card as the authentication method to verify my identity, I encounter an error that prevents me from gaining access to my account. This issue is affecting my ability to access the Netlify platform.
I urgently ask for a fix on this issue

What is your email so we can send a verification link? Please note that if the ID verification does not work ensure that you are submitting an acceptable document as outlined here. If you are still having issues then you will not be able to use our platform unless you signup for a Pro account.

Hi, thanks for your patience. We tried to sent an verification email, but you are not currently a user. Can you please try and signup with the email you provided? You should then be prompted to submit your ID documents.

Thank you!