Account suspended as soon as I try to sign up

Some days ago, I tried signing up on netlify. I got the email verification link in my email. but when I clicked on it. I got this message on the page “Invalid authorization code” and “This login link is no longer valid. To request a new link, enter the email you used to sign up”.
I clicked on get the new link. the new link sent to my email is a password reset link. which doesn’t fix the problem. I tried to sign up with GitHub but it said my email already exists. yet I can’t log into my account.
This morning I tried the whole process again, got the new verification link, and set a new password. thereafter I got an account suspension page.
I’ve contacted for support through email but hasn’t gotten any solution.

Kindly help, please.
Email :

Hi, so when you got the verification link you were able to successfully submit your ID documents?

Yes I was able to submit it but still wasn’t verified

Hi, can you share the email? I can send another link but please not your document must be an acceptable ID document outlined by stripe here. So if that’s not working that may be the issue.