Failed account signup

a few days ago, I signed up to netlify. I received the email verification link in my email. but when I clicked on it. I got these messages on the page “Invalid authorization code” and “This login link is no longer valid. To request a new link, enter the email you used to sign up”.
I clicked on get the new link. the new link sent to my email is a password reset link. which doesn’t fix the problem. I tried to sign up with GitHub but it said my email already exists. yet I can’t log into my account.
This morning I tried the whole process again, got the new verification link, and set a new password. thereafter I got an account suspension page.

Kindly help, please.

Can you share the email you tried to signup with? We will need to send your another verification email OR the other option is signing up with for a Pro Tier which allows you to bypass the ID verification process.

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@SamO hey sir i shared my email can you please send me the verification email

The email has been sent.

it says , (Unfortunately, your account has been flagged by our automatic fraud protection system.), i never used this account,i just created it to deploy some school projects and i’m under age i don’t have any id or passport

Netlify are crap and are not reliable. My account was suspended for no reason, I am using vercel for hosting now

Hi there, im getting the exact same issue after opening an account and clicking the verification link

I signed up and clicked verify and got this

We have suspended this account due to suspicious activity. To quickly reclaim this account, please take a moment to verify your identity before using Netlify.

please help me reinstate and set up this account


Hi SamO,

I am also facing the same issue, unable to login into my account.

mail id:

You need to upload your ID to proceed. That is how you reinstate your account. Make sure your ID is an acceptable document as outlined here.

You need to verify your ID. Please attempt to login/signup again and you should be prompted to submit your ID documents

I have not received any verification mail.

I am getting on netlify loading screen, nothing more.

would prefer not to submit ID to use the service, we have an enterprise account I need to join from this email

how else can I restore my account ? if not we will need to move to another service which is less invasive regarding privacy

SamO, please can you help.

Hi, we just sent you an email to verify your identity. Please check your spam if you don’t see it.

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What email are you trying to join with and the enterprise account? I’ll share this with the team.

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thanks problem solved.

can i DM you for privacy ser?

Hello @SamO, @hrishikesh, or any other Netlify support member. I’m sorry to be a bother and add to this thread, but I’m having the same issue as others…

I went to create a brand new Netlify account last night. I received the email to verify my email, but after clicking that link, I was directed to the login page. When I tried to login, I got the dreaded error that I was flagged / banned, hah. I didn’t even get a chance to login!

I landed on the “Appeal an account suspension” page, and I submitted a message with the “manual verification” form last night, but then I read today that this appeal may not get read anytime soon, and it’s best to reach out here in the forums… I should add, i can’t verify or appeal with the Stripe “Verify my Identity” because I haven’t even logged in yet to Netlify, so I don’t have anything set up.

Anyhow, the email I’m trying to login with is:

Please let me know when I can try logging in again so I can pick my plan and start hooking up my GitHub repo, billing, etc.

Thank you so much!