Login/sign-up issue

I signed up the day before yesterday on netlify. I received the email verification link in my email. but when I clicked on it. I got these messages on the page “Invalid authorization code” and “This login link is no longer valid. To request a new link, enter the email you used to sign up”.
I clicked on get the new link. the new link sent to my email is a password reset link. which doesn’t fix the problem.
I tried to sign up with GitHub but it said my email already exists. yet I can’t log into my account.
I even tried using my other gmail account but still the same error keeps occuring.
I have been trying since to somplete the sign-up but up to no avail. I sent emails about this but i later got a mail saying my account has been suspended.
Please help. I really need this. Please

Thanks in advance for the help

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Hi, what is the email you tried to signup? I can send another verification link to your email, or to bypass this step you can sign up for a Pro account.

I used this email olive.c.uzoma@gmail.com

Hi, apologies for the delay. i have sent you a verification email. Thank you for your patience!


I am trying to log in with my Github account but it keeps sending this message.
Screenshot from 2023-09-19 06-11-23

what could I do?

Hiya @Claudiu :wave:t6: , thanks for reaching out. Your account has not been blocked. The usual solution for this issue is the following steps.

  1. Login to Netlify using the email address and password only.
  1. Once logged into Netlify with the email address and password, then change the GitHub account associated with this email address here: Netlify App
  2. Log out of Netlify.

Once this is done, you should be able to log into Netlify using GitHub or the email address. Both methods of login should work now. If they do not or if there are any other questions, please let us know.

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I tried verifying my Identity but after uploading my id it sent me this error.

I now recieved this email

We regret to inform you that your account has been flagged due to increased potential for fraudulent behavior. As a result, we are unable to enable your account. We understand that you may have questions regarding the ban; however, please note that we will not be able to provide further review or additional reasoning for this decision.

We appreciate your interest in our services, and while we understand this may be disappointing news, we take the security and integrity of our platform very seriously. Our Fraud and Abuse Team has thoroughly reviewed the situation, and based on their assessment, the decision to disable your account has been made. We value your understanding and cooperation.

Please how could this be resolved.

Hi, @olive. I’m showing the login and account is active and working for the email address associated this support forum post.

Can you login now? If not, please let us know.

Good morning, I have the same error as the one in the publication, they sent me my validation code but when I entered it appeared blocked in the following image

email: jeremieliporrasangeles@gmail.com

I hope your help thanks

So what happens when you click the blue button. Is your document not accepted?

my document, even though I take good care of it and take the photo as clear as possible, it does not fit, I think it is a problem with the website.

Hi, unfortunately if stripe cannot verify your site you will need to signup for a Pro account to bypass this step.

Dear Sam,

I tried to do this but I keep ending up in a loop:


Even trying to sign up with another email address fails every time.

Best regards,
Thom Veldpaus

Hi Thom, can you fill out the manual verification box? This will create a ticket for our team to review. When this is done please write back in here so I can take a look at the ticket.


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Hi Sam,

When I saw that manual verification box I filled it in the first time to be sure, if that form isn’t broken a support ticket should have been created already.

Has the ticket created in your system? Otherwise the manual verification form isn’t working either and there is nothing I can think of doing on my side to get a support ticket.

Thank you for the rapid response on my support request, helping me with this issue swiftly helps me a lot.

Best regards,
Thom Veldpaus

Can you share the email you wrote in with so I can check?

Please I have same issue… It just stopped logging me in one day without me doing anything…

Screenshot from 2023-09-19 06-11-23

Hi @Azonubi :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! Can you please submit a ticket and mark the issue as signup/login? Then write back in when this is done so the Fraud and abuse team can follow up on your query.

Hi Sam,

The email adress is: thompoppins@gmail.com.