Issue with Email Verification Links Not Being Sent After Moving Domain to Netlify (from Google Domains)

I recently moved my custom domain from Firebase to Netlify ( and have since encountered an issue with Firebase Authentication, specifically the email verification process. Users are not receiving the verification emails after signing up.

Here are the details of my setup:

  • I’m using Firebase for user authentication.
  • The custom domain for my app was transferred to Netlify.
  • Settings were updated according to the netlify docs (ie used Custome Name servers)
  • The issue arose post-migration to Netlify; it was functional when hosted on Firebase.

I have checked the Firebase Authentication template and confirmed it is active, and the sender’s email is correctly set up. There’s no evidence of emails being sent to spam folders, and no relevant errors are visible in the Firebase console logs.

Could it be somethign I need to configure on the netlify side?

Is Firebase sending out emails or are you using a third-party?

I see no MX records for

Hi, @rupe. The issue here is that the “required DNS records for email service” were not copied to Netlify DNS so the email service stopped working.

We have a support guide that covers this situation and various solutions for it here: