Issue Linking Domain '' to My Netlify Account

I am writing to express a concern I have encountered while trying to link my domain, ‘,’ to my Netlify website Despite owning this domain, I am facing difficulties completing the setup due to an error message indicating a conflict.

The specific error I am encountering is: “Add the domain to Netlify. You must own to complete all the steps. The name has a conflicting custom domain in another account.” This is perplexing, as I am the sole owner of ‘,’ and to my knowledge, it should not be linked to any other Netlify account.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter. Could you please investigate why this conflict is occurring and guide me on how to successfully link my domain to my current Netlify account? This issue is hindering my project’s progress, and I am eager to get it resolved promptly.

Technically you are a registrant, not an owner.

Though you may have registered the domain this doesn’t mean someone hasn’t previously registered it.

You can see the Wayback Machine has indexed it previously and DNS History shows records as far back as 2021.

The first step is to read through the following support guide

Thanks, I went through the guide and it is very helpful. However, I’ve added the TXT file in my godaddy records and waiting for netlify to authenticate my ownership for this domain. Should I do anything else?

Hi, I have removed the DNS zones from the other account. You should be able to add this domain now. Thank you!

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can you please double check?
still the same message occurs.

Hi, try one more time please!