Different account has attached domain name that

Hi all!

I am trying to see about setting up Netlify for the website of the Open Source project NightwatchJS

We have everything building and want to set up a custom domain but it suggests that someone else has already tried to do this. I think this may have been previous contributors and hope someone can clear that from wherever the other person is doing it for me

Netlify URL: https://creative-biscuit-91c3a4.netlify.app
github: GitHub - nightwatchjs/nightwatch-www

None of the owners of the Github org have done this so we need some help here.

@AutomatedTester I believe this requires that you verify the domain following this support guide:

The Text/Value you would use would be the ID of this topic 113572

Once you’ve done that a Netlify Support Team member would be able to assist you.

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