Is this link spamming? WordPress blog profile page and monthly archive pages linking to my website

Hi everyone! I am a contributor on a blog (WordPress based) and I have a profile page there, where I’ve put a short bio and a link to my personal website.

On that profile page, there are links to “monthly archive” pages, which show the posts that I’ve made on each month, every year. These pages display the same text (and link) from the profile page.

Google has started indexing those, so, as of today, I have five linking pages from that blog showing up on my personal website’s Search Console: the profile page and some of the monthly archive pages. Example: (profile page) (May 2020 page) (March 2020 page)
… And so on.

Will this be considered link spamming? Should I remove that link from my profile, or at least add a “nofollow” to it?

Thanks in advance!

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i dont think it will work with by removing , you should at least add no follow backlink to our pages it would be beneficiary while crawlink the pages

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I wouldn’t worry about it.
Although you can also disavow them on gsc, if that bothers you.

Hi, @foo, and thank you for this question. Also, thank you @techreviewer and @mulyadi for your answers.

Our support team focuses our time on questions which are specific to Netlify. As this question is about Google indexing and page ranking, it isn’t actually about Netlify specifically.

We do encourage you to ask more general questions like these here and other community members may respond like @techreviewer and @mulyadi did. I just want to be clear that our support team does not typically answer such questions and why we do not do so.

To summarize, this is a great question and it is definitely welcome here. I just wanted to explain why our support team didn’t “chime in”. :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the answers!

@luke, sure, that’s why I posted here on opentalk, as it is not specifically about Netlify, but thanks for clarifying that! :slight_smile:

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thanks luke you completely explained whole point very well . & you are absolutely right