Block bad backlinks


Someone is adding thousands of bad backlinks to my domain. They show up in Google Search Console. I’ve used the disavow tool, but they get removed only about 100 at a time.


Is there anything I can do to remove them using Netlify? (they are 3rd party spam sites that link to mine)

@dev Wild. How are they adding these backlinks, any idea? If they are linking to your site on their site, it seems that there’s not much you could do.

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They are adding them to their site. The top site also contains child porn and piracy, I’ve reported to Cloudflare which have removed it, but they have since moved to Amazon. I’ve reported to some authorities, but no reply so far

Hi, @dev, I’m part of the support team here at Netlify.

My understanding is that the sites linking to your site are not hosted at Netlify. If not, we won’t be able to assist with removing those sites. We can only suspend sites that we host.

If you do see sites at Netlify which violate our terms of service, please let us know and we’ll remove them.

​Please let us also know if there are other questions about this.