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Spammy backlinks associated with netlify

Good morning,
Our website, monstershop.co.uk, has been receiving multiple spammy backlinks which appear to be either associated with netlify or are using netlify’s identity.

The site owners appear to be attempting to raise the domain authority in a shady fashion and then would look to sell on the domains. Some of these domains have a strong authority score considering their spammy appearance.


All these links, just a taste of the real amount, list netlify’s admin email address as the contact. While the following link includes netlify in its domain:


Can you guys help to stop this from source? Disavowing the files stops google indexing the page but when they are creating multiple domains, they can easily bypass that problem.

Welcome to the forums @07davisa

Agree that https://wooden-craft.netlify.app/woodturning-lathe-reviews-uk.html in indeed suspicious.

Hi @07davisa,

Just to let you know, you can send email to fraud@netlify.com to sort this faster in future.

However, only the last link (wooden-craft) appears to be hosted on Netlify. We have taken down that account, but for the rest, I believe you’d have to contact Google (they seem to be hosted on Firebase).

Many thanks to you both :slight_smile: