is considered spam in gmail

Hello :slight_smile:

Gmail and other e-mail clients mark files containing weblinks with as spam. I realize that this is a Gmail problem, however, it is essential to talk about because many people use Netlify to host personal projects. If Gmail is filtering those files as spam that’s a big problem for people who want to share their projects.

I love using Netlify and I want to keep on using it so I thought I’d share and find out if this is a known issue.

hey @fletcher-web-dev-one - thanks so much for pointing this out and raising this issue with us. We know how disconcerting it is to have a service you know and trust to be having these kinds of issues. we are working as quickly as we can to mitigate this as it affects you, as our customers, as much as it affects us and our reputation. Hopefully we will see things clear up soon. If you notice any changes (such as being able to post links!) can we count on you to let us know? thanks again.

We’re so glad you love Netlify and we’re trying to work this out as soon as we can.