Gmail labels emails sent out as a potential spammer

Whenever I receive an email from the host I’ve set up through Google Domain, the message indicates in gmail that it’s sent from a potential spammer. “The Hooligans Mail could not verify that actually sent this message (and not a spammer)” shows up in a tooltip when I hover over the contact thumbnail.

Now, I read through some documentation for google domains and netlify (and just general), and it looks like I forgot to add a SFP record here in netlify. So, I’ve gone in and added that, as well as a few other Google Suite DNS records (2 TXT records, one labelled as the google._domain_key). I assumed this would fix it, but the problem still seems to persist.

I thought this just applied to creating new records, but is it possible that updating these records could also take up to 48 hours to update? Is there any other way I can check to see if it’s done correctly before that?

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This issue has been resolved. It was because the records were in quotes on google domain, but they needed to be added to netlify without quotes.

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Glad to hear your SFP records are working, and thanks for coming back to let us know what the fix was :muscle: