Gmail blocking my emails sent from this domain


It’s happening very often that gmail blocks email sent from this domain because of this reason:

Starting November 2022, new senders who send email to personal Gmail accounts must set up either SPF or DKIM. Google performs random checks on new sender messages to personal Gmail accounts to verify they’re authenticated. Messages without at least one of these authentication methods will be rejected or marked as spam. This requirement doesn’t apply to you if you’re an existing sender. However, we recommend you always set up SPF and DKIM to protect your organization’s email and to support future authentication requirements.

I have a email servers from different provider and i’ve add there this record:
v=spf1 a mx ~all

But the good people there told me that i need to protect my dns record with public key - Can you help me with this pls? Thanks…

Netlify doesn’t run any email service so, we’re the wrong team to be contacted for help with this. We will serve whatever DNS records you add, so if you need some specific DNS records, you might want to reach out to your email provider and add the records they will provide.

That’s not true. Netlify handles the DNS, the SPF record is part of DNS, not the email server. If the domain hosted on Netflify uses Netlify’s DNS, it is a Netlify problem.

I think you misunderstood my response. As a DNS service, we can only serve the DNS records you add. If you add the correct SPF records, but your email service still doesn’t like it, that’s not on us as long as we’re serving the exact records you added. The only time it’s a Netlify issue when you’ve added the records, but we’re not serving those as you’ve added them.

You can still disagree with that assertion, but that remains a fact.