Is Netlify a good fit for web map vector data? What is meant by "remote storage server"?

I love the Netlify and currently host our small city’s GIS interactive maps on the platform - We will be expanding this site and I am trying to determine if the expansion of the underlying GIS data can happen using Netlify. The expansion would include hosting many more small files that power the maps, as well as ancillary data such as PDFs that are associated with various map layers, i.e. engineering plans, images, etc. So, to sum -

Is there a soft or hard limit on the number of files I can host, free or paid service? I am currently at 1GB and 10K files.

Does the hosting of hundreds of PDFs still fall inside the acceptable terms?

There may also be a handful of “large” json files (between 10 and 100 MB), which would be the city’s open data in geojson format, made available to the public to download - though this will likely be very rare.

Bottom line is I do not want to dump tens of thousands of more files on the service if it will get my entire site shut down, especially since these are production maps that city crews depend on daily. The total size would easily be under 100GB, though that was in the old terms.

If need be I can host the map data elsewhere but the file diffing is great for my use case and want to keep this workflow if possible.

Any assistance would be helpful.

Hi there @coz, thanks for reaching out. The two things I’d worry about the most are the single large files you have, since their deployments may be slow for you. You would have to test to see if that causes problems for you. The second thing would be that Netlify charges for bandwidth usage. You can find more information on this on our pricing page.

You may also find that using Netlify Large Media may be a better option for your large files than checking them into the repo normally.

I have since decided that I will keep my main application running on Netlify, but store the large files on our own server and maybe use a cdn for caching requests. This is probably the best method as it isolates the main web applications from the larger data files.

Thanks for the response!

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