Large Media - pending upload

After I uploaded the files through Git LFS, they appeared in “Large Media” tab, but they are pending upload for 5 hours now.

Also, what is the limit for the total size of the storage, and does the limits from Github LFS (1gb storage, 1gb bandwidth) apply? Sorry I don’t know how it works

How can I access these files in my lambda functions at runtime? Over file system, Http?

It can’t upload .gzip files.
.zip works fine

.gz files work fine now, after several attempts

It appears that there is no limit to how much data can be uploaded, so there is one question left ^^^^

Hi, @lazoviccorp, there are no official limits for the size of the files stored. Our bandwidth limits are for the bandwidth used responding to HTTP requests for your site, but not for when uploading.

In order for the files to be accessible, they must be included in the publish directory of the site during the site deployment at Netlify.

These files are not bundled with a Netlify function. They are available at their deployed URLs so it should be possible to make HTTP requests to load them in a Function.

If you are not using Netlify Large Media (NLM), you can also copy the files into the directory the function javascript is in and they will be bundled into the Function. If you are using NLM, the file contents are not available during the site build (only their pointers are available) so they cannot be copied to the functions directory when NLM is used.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.