Large Media Feature - Stuck on "Pending Upload"


I am attempting to use the Large Media feature on Netlify. I believe I set everything up properly – I see the large media file on GitHub and it works locally.

I also see the file in the Large Media tab on the Netlify dashboard, however it is stuck on “Pending Upload”.

Is there something on Netlify’s end?

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You should only have the lfs pointer in github, not the actual file. I recommend that you first go through the debugging help in [Common Issue] Troubleshooting your Netlify Large Media Configuration . If you still have trouble after that, let us know!

Is this not a LFS pointer? :open_mouth: It says “Stored with Git LFS” on GitHub.

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 10.47.29 AM

Yup, it looks like it is. Did you run through that thread on troubleshooting problems with large media?

Yes, I did. No luck with anything there. Is this not something on Netlify’s side?

What’s the Netlify site that you have this repo linked to?

I can’t share that publicity right now. Is there anyway to send this privately?

After a user account reaches “Trust Level 1”, all forum users can send private messages (PMs).

This can be done by clicking on the link for any other user’s name and then clicking the “Message” button in the pop-up.

(Note, I have checked your account @jevinsidhu and I can confirm you will be able to PM. Please feel free to send the PM directly to me as I specialize with supporting the Netlify Large Media add-on.)