How to access Large Media Files


Just set up netlify lfs. How do I link to my files on my site? I link to them normally as if they were still in a local site folder in usual format (even though they’ve been transformed to a pointer)?

How does the site know to fetch the file in the remote repository?

btw, does it make sense to use lfs for hundred of millions of relatively small images? Or just for very large files?

If I have hundreds of milliones of 100kB images (for example), should I just treat them normally without LFS and just statically build them into the site?

Hi, any help?


Hey @greatrat00,

You have to link to the file normally like:

/image/foo.jpg provided that’s the path you’ve uploaded to Large Media.

We map the file internally and fetch the file from Netlify LFS and serve it.

Yeah you can use it for that purpose, but I’m not seeing the point of using Large Media to store small files. Netlify Large Media has a significant number of limitations, so using it for small files is something I would personally not do.

thanks. in that case, what is the storage limit for millions of images on netlify (non-lfs)?

Netlify doesn’t have any hard limits on total file sizes. But from what I know, GitHub allows only 2 GB per repo and GitLab 10 GB. So you might be limited by that.