Migrating off of large-media

Hey Folks,

I’m having a hard time migrating off of large-media. This is for a repository (sjifire.org) which hasn’t been active in awhile, so I’ve needed to download the repo and reinstall netlify-cli.

I can’t get large-media to work. netlify-cli was installed and the lm:status showed everything correctly, but when i try to clone from github (using ssh), I get the netlify username/password prompts Username for 'https://www.sjifire.org':

I’ve tried netlify-cli, I’ve tried creating a user-token to enter as my password, but no luck.

What I really need is the ability to download all the netlify large-media files, and ideally, all the commit history as well as some of the files were moved or deleted. BUT the most important is to just get all the files.

I can see the files in the netlify admin interface under site/Large Media, but I don’t see a way to download them.


hey folks,

I need to move forward. I cannot build or modify the website right now with Netlify Large Media. If you can’t help me resolve the above issue, can you delete large media and I’ll figure it out on my own. I need to get updates to the website back up and running.

thank you,

Hi, @agreene. Git LFS is an add-on for Git that handles the storage and checkout of certain (typically, very large) files differently.

Large Media is a Git LFS service that also offers image transformations (although, I’d recommend using Netlify Image CDN for that instead these days).

My point is, if you have been committing those files to Large Media, they may only exist in that Large Media instance and if we delete them you will have no way to recover them.

So, there are two possible ways forward.


  • we can delete the Large Media instance for this site and you can try to recover them without Large Media


  • we can try to get Large Media access working on your local system

If you want to remove Large Media, would you please read this and let us know when you are ready to proceed?

If you would prefer to troubleshoot the local system’s access to Large Media, would you please try the steps here and let us know the results?

We’ll proceed however you prefer so please just let us know what that preference is.