Delete old GIT lfs from my large files in netlify

Hey there, So I replace files for my git large media storage and I also moved some files… but they still all exist in my netlify large media section. I only need the latest file, how do I clear out all the old files? I push the new SHA with the new file every night but all the old ones remain… I dunno how to remove them.

My site name is - ecstatic-jackson-7eb75c

Large Media is a Git LFS service. Git LFS services must store all files in the Git repo past and present files included.

If you want to remove those files, you will first need to make a new Git repository which never contains those files in the repo history.

Then you can link that repository to a new site at Netlify. Alternatively, we can remove the Large Media add-on from the existing site and then you can link the new repo to the site and enable Large Media again. Again, this all depends on a new repository in which the repo history never contains these files.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.