Large Media and Image pointer base 64

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My website name is](

the issue is well known over here I guess…
I try to use Git lfs to be able to deploy images and small videos on my website.
Everuthing was working locally with git lfs, but whenever I deployed the site on netlify, the video was not working…So one issue after another, I installed and set up netify lm, with all the files…lf-config, gitattributes, etc… I read all the topics in here, tried to set up netlify_toml with environment variables etc…
Nothing work. When I deploy the website on netlify I can’t see my images, neither the video and when I look at the source I cannot see my API Url but a pointer with “base64” thing… As I’m using fetch to call my photos an videos , I think this base64 pointer is the problem.

That’s why I would like to disable large media from this website please. Also, if you have any advice for me to be able to use large media and fetch at the same time (like, keeping my API url instead of this pointer base64), it would be more than helpful :l

NB: I didn’t upload the deploy log because it’s actually working but I can’t manage the photos with the pointer url…

Thank you so much for your help,

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Hi there,

I would like to update things…
After looking for answers, I found out solutions with
$ git lfs push --all origin
$ run build
And then commit and push evrything back

My only question here would be, how can I access to the Large Media enpoint ?
When I try to reach the API for large Media it says “this endpoint need an authorization header”

Does somebody know how to setup this authorization ?

Thank you so much for any help

Hi, @Virtus-web. The Large Media endpoint is a Git LFS service. It is only intended to be used via Git itself. When using Git the authentication is handled by the Git credential helper. The Git credential helper is installed using the Netlify CLI tool which then enables Git to authenticate for the Git LFS service at Netlify.

The deployed images can be transformed at browse time but that is done using the deployed image URL and not using the Git LFS service endpoint for Large Media. There is more documentation about the image transformations here:

​Please let us know if there are other questions.