Installing the Sitemap generator properly (please help)

Hello all,
My site is (

I use Netlify to host the site
I’ve installed the sitemap generator

But that’s all I’ve done.
Are there other steps that I need to take before my site gets the sitemap automatically deployed?

Thanks in advance. Potentially in over my head here.

AFAIK (based on this, this, and this) it works automatically when the site is built.

It appears you are using Webflow. How are you deploying your site?

I download the HTML file, and then upload it to Netlify each time.

Plugins don’t run on uploaded content, only on content built by Netlify.

You need to built the sitemap in Weblfow

I can’t do this in Webflow because it requires me to have a membership (not viable for us)

Is it possible for me to manually upload the sitemap to Netlify?

Thanks for your assistance

Certainly. You can create a sitemap.xml and add it to the project directory before uploading.

Okay that’s perfect then.
Is there any chance you could help me find where to find where I need to upload it to?

I have searched YT, Google etc. for a step-by-step, but I can’t find anything for Netlify.

I have the XML, but I don’t know where to start in terms of uploading it to the project directory.

You add it to the root of the directory (same level as the index.html) and deploy the project.

Forgive me, but I have no idea what this means.

On your computer, add the sitemap to the directory with the rest of your site.

Deploy your site to Netlify.


Got it.
That’s perfect.
Thanks again for your help :+1: