Sitemap Plugin - Where is the Sitemap Generated?


I installed the sitemap plugin yesterday created by Netlify-labs but I am unable to see the generated sitemap @

Should I be looking elsewhere? I am trying to get this site indexed in Google Search.

Hi @CitrineDragon, welcome and thanks for posting.

Kindly create a file named netlify.toml in root directory of your project and then input the code below.

package = "@netlify/plugin-sitemap"
  buildDir = "."

For more information kindly visit :

Let me know the outcome once you make the changes.

Thanks for taking the time to respond @clarnx! I created the file in the root directory and redeployed the site. However, I have not seen any changes. Is this something that I need to setup in cPanel or on the backend? Sorry, I am a bit newer to this.

Hi @CitrineDragon, thanks for the extra feedback. If possible can you share the repository you are deploying from to help with the debugging?
Kindly also share a screenshot of your build settings if possible.


Absolutely @clarnx, you can find my repo here GitHub - CitrineDragon/Simon-Benjamin: A static website for the Author Simon Benjamin
I am using the Netlify UI to deploy the site, so I don’t have any build settings that I am aware of.

Hi @CitrineDragon, thanks for sharing the repo. I just tested your site out with the netlify.toml file and it generates the sitemap.

Kindly create a new deployment by deploying from GitHub repository and it should automatically deploy and generate the sitemap.

Visit the link below and learn how to deploy from GitHub.

Leave all default build settings and then deploy.
Once you are done and you can verify that the sitemap is generated you can delete the old site which has the problem generating the sitemap.

Hope this helps.

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@clarnx Awesome, that worked perfectly! I deleted the old site and deployed the site through Github. I also added the custom domain to the site etc. One last question, the sitemap being generated lists the url’s of the site before the custom domain was added. Is there a way to prompt the sitemap to update?

Edit: I redeployed and it resolved the issue. Thank you for taking the time to assist me.

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Thanks for the excellent debugging here, @clarnx :raised_hands:. Glad everything is working now, @CitrineDragon-- happy building :rocket:

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Hi @clarnx @CitrineDragon
I have the same problem installing my Sitemap to my google search console and Yandex, I followed all the step, but still don’t work, I also installed some sitemap plugin but doesn’t work can I have help thanks

Hi @maroc.yes.1993,

If possible can you share your repository for me to help with the debugging.


Here’s what worked for me:

  • Deploy your site through Netlify via GitHub (very easy following the article that @clarnx linked in a previous reply.)
  • Install the sitemap plugin in Netlify created by NetlifyLabs
  • Verify that your sitemap has generated by adding /sitemap.xml to your site url.
  • Copy that url into Google Console and it should work.
  • If you still get an error in Google Console add another / to the end of your url /sitemap.xml/

thanks for your reply @clarnx
this is my repository :

Thanks @CitrineDragon but still doesnt work and show me this

Try putting the full url on the Google Console. Ex:

@CitrineDragon @clarnx friend can i know from were can i take this setting

I believe those settings will work. After you deploy the site, are you able to see the sitemap?

Post the url to the site, once it’s been deployed.

Hello @maroc.yes.1993, You can leave the settings blank and just continue with the deployment.
It should work as expected.

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hi @clarnx i do the same but still doesn’t work there are other solution,thanks

Hi @maroc.yes.1993, thanks for the feedback.

Kindly try the solution in the related post below to see if it helps.


thanks so much @clarnx I will try all the steps that you write me, thanks again

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