When using the netlify-sitemap build plugin, where is the sitemap file created?

Site is https://davidrhoden.com.

I’ve installed and configured the netlify-sitemap build plugin and enabled build plugins on my site.

i have two questions.

  1. Where is the generated sitemap found? A wild guess of “https://davidrhoden.com/sitemap.xml” results in a 404 error.

  2. Do I still need to submit it manually to Google etc., or is that part of what the plugin does?

@davidrhoden I can see your sitemap file just fine.

Typically, sitemap generators submit your sitemap file to Google, Bing, etc., after is is created or updated. Good question, though.

Even if the sitemap file is submitted automatically, though, it wouldn’t hurt to explicitly add the URL for your sitemap file(s) to Google and Bing through the webmaster dashboards for each of these services.


Thanks, I can see it too now. I guess it took more time to generate than I thought.

I’ll leave the question up as it hasn’t been asked before and the answer might be useful, especially as to the second part.

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