Very frustrated - Sitemap is not available

I installed a sitemap using the plugin and it says my sitemap is installed but the url does not work. I don’t know what to do. This is extremely confusing, I saw some information that I need to trigger deploy and cache clean. I don’t see those options. I would love some help before I lose it… Thanks

@ManBadger When you say “I installed a sitemap using the plugin”, what plugin are you referring to?

Is it this Netlify integration ( or something else?

Can you describe the system you’re currently using to build your site?

Hello I built the site in webflow and I am hosting it on netlify.

I used this tutorial but I don’t have the option to trigger deploy / clear cache that is used in the tutorial

@ManBadger First of all, I think my computer got digital cancer from the number of ads on that site.

I’ve checked within my Netlify account and ‘Clear Cache’ is still in that same position.

  1. You go to the site within your Netlify account
  2. You click on ‘Deploys’ in the menu
  3. The ‘Trigger deploy’ dropdown is on the right hand side, pressing it reveals ‘Deploy Site’ and ‘Clear cache and deploy site’

What do you see in that location?
Can you provide a screenshot, or describe why you cannot get to that location?

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Hahaha sorry about that.

this is what my page looks like.

@ManBadger Are you using “Drag & Drop” deploys?

I can get to the page but I don’t see the trigger deploy dropdown

Yes. I am using drag and drop.

@ManBadger That’s your problem.

They’re not really a first class citizen within Netlify, just a means for people to try the system out.

If you want to lean on more Netlify features, you’ll have to switch to using a repository and running a build on Netlify.

Even if that build actually does nothing.

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I don’t know what that is. How do I do that?

@ManBadger I’m not going to be able to walk you through everything involved unfortunately.

You’ll need to create a git repository, commit your files to that, push them up to the remote repository, create an instance of the site in Netlify that is linked to that repository etc.

If you google around you’ll be able to find tutorials that you could follow.

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Ok thanks. I will check this out.

Alternatively, because you’re trying to use Netlify in the simplest way possible, you could generate your sitemap.xml file via some other means.

Then just ensure that it is at the root of the files that you’re “dragging & dropping” to Netlify.

If you have a simple enough site that is rarely changing, you could even just write it by hand.

Yes it a simple site. I downloaded the xml sitemap from a website. But not sure how to add it to netlify.

When I download the website from webflow I get a zip file… do I just unzip, add it and rezip?

what do you mean by root file?

@ManBadger That’s correct, you would unzip the files and then add the sitemap.xml.

By the root I mean the top level folder, so that the file would be at /sitemap.xml on your site, not in some sub-folder like /subfolder/sitemap.xml

I don’t believe you need to re-zip to deploy to Netlify, as I understand it you can drag (or otherwise select) the folder itself.

You may want to look into this too if you haven’t already:


Awesome. I will give this a try for now and then I will explore the other method when I have time.

I am learning 20 things at once, this solutions is very easy, so it is good enough for now. Thank you very much.

Exactly this :arrow_up: :arrow_up: @ManBadger.

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Thanks it worked perfectly and added the sitemap to google.