If i add a github organization to netlify would it count as a team member and would i have to pay for it


im thinking moving all repos related to my website to a github org and i see theres an add another org button :


and as netlify is very confusing w pricing at the moment for me, im asking – how does the pricing work here

how much is the pay, is it like for every member ? what if im the only member of the org ? does it create a new team member in netlify ? etc

the repositories will be public

i am confused


still unable to figure this out, pricing only seems to cover private repos, not public ones

Org owned public Git repos should be free on all plans. It’s the private repos under org accounts that need a Pro plan.

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thanks, thts what confused me, ill migrate to a github org once i get back my gh org username bc i accidentally deleted it :tired_face:

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