Company account and connecting to GitHub

We’re moving our docs website - hopefully, onto Netlify. But I have a question about team setup:
I currently have a personal Netlify account. My impression is, it would be best to:

  • Have the company create a company account + team
  • Have the company then add individuals to the company team

However, while I am an admin of the GitHub repo we’re connecting to, the generic company account wouldn’t be connected to GitHub in any way.

So, would I still be able to connect to the repo and do all the setup, as a team member? Are there any downsides to the above approach?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey @StarfallProjects,

As long as you’re listed as an owner in a team, you would be able to deploy a site from any GitHub account. So there should not be any issues with that approach. I believe a lot of people already do that.