Confused about how it all works

The whole signup and account process is a bit confusing to me, so I would like a little clarification.

  1. I made a site for a client, which is a company, or an org, if you would like.
  2. I made an org on github where the repo for the site is stored.
  3. I want to link that org repo to an org account in netlify to host the site.
  4. I can’t find a way to create a new org in netlify admin UI, I only see creating a new team.
  5. The client is going to pay for their hosting, but I don’t know how this is possible to do in netlify.

What am i supposed to do for them?

Do I make a new team?
Does that team represent an org?
Can each teams hosting be paid for with a different CC?

What I ultimately want is to make a new org and manage it, while the client pays the hosting costs, but they don’t want to pay $100 per seat ATM…they agreed to $20/month, which is the minimum for a private org github repo on netlify it seems…

What do I do?

Use Vercel? ( just kidding…i think… XD )

Hi @rchrdnsh and thanks for coming to the forums to talk with us - trying to respond to multiple questions in 240 characters never works as well as we wish it did.

So let’s clarify some things:

  1. Logins at Netlify must correspond to email addresses. Your github Org account does not fit this bill, so you won’t be using it in the way you describe. You’ll create a team, and on that team, you can link sites to repos from any github organization or repository (or even other git providers. Or even no git provider, as you could deploy via github actions or any other CI service of your choose, or using our API or CLI). Essentially the message here is: “If you want a separate team, it needs to have an email address as owner. Whomever logs in via that email address could link a site to whatever kind of repository you have or want.”
  2. You, as a customer, cannot create new “organizations” as per your screenshot, at Netlify. That is a feature of our Enterprise account level, which our team configure for you once you have a custom enterprise contract, which you get after you negotiate that contract with our sales team and sign it and agree on a price for the year. This is almost certainly not what you want or need, unless your client has very strong needs around an SLA for uptime or response time, because the pricing reflects that this is an enterprise level service.
  3. So, you will create only a “team” at Netlify, not an organization account. That is the only account type you can self serve on making, and it is the one that many agencies and nearly all of our customers use. That team can contain members from your agency, your customer’s businesses, and anyone else you or they want to invite. You can be a member of multiple teams, which is the workflow I am suggesting for you, today, and you create that second team via the URL I twote at you: Netlify App . You will only be able to create a second paying team, which will cost you a minimum of $19/mo. I’m not sure where you got $100/seat, as that is at the Business account level, which is not an account level we have otherwise discussed anywhere on twitter nor in this thread. Enterprise account level will be more than $100/seat, which is why it does not seem appropriate for this use case. Each team has entirely separate billing settings so this is how different people can pay for different teams, even if some members are shared between them, such as you in this case :slight_smile:
  4. So how can the client pay us? Three possibilities I can think of off hand:
  • You ask the client to create the team, and invite you as owner. They input their billing details (they pay $19/mo for themself, and $19/mo for you and anyone else that needs to work on their site via our UI or via builds triggered from git).
  • You create the team using the URL I mentioned above, then you invite the client as a team owner. They update the billing information to themselves, and you manage the team with them as a collaborator
  • You create the team and keep it separate from your other clients. You work with them to input their credit card and billing department email as billing contact for the account yourself. This is now a $19/mo team with only you in it, maintaining their site, with them paying.

Hopefully that clears everything up, but let me know if not!

I appreciate what you ‘twote’ to me earlier…I like that term :slight_smile:

I think I confused the business tier? with the concept of an enterprise account, which I think is where the $99 came from in my head…

ok, so it seems like creating a new ‘team’ is the way to go…and teams are separate from accounts, I guess. So an individual user creates a team, then can invite other people with completely separate netlify user accounts to work on the team that I created with my user account…this is correct?

And each team is paid for separately, so the client can pay for “their” team, whilst I do the web work, etc…

hmmm…another question popped into my head…it seems that the “pro” plan is the minimum option for private org repos…is that ON TOP OF the price for the team, or are…i dunno how to say it…

Would I be paying $20/month for the team and ALSO $20/month for the site hosting? SO $40/month total?

Or is it the case that I pay for the team, then any sites for that team are covered under that monthly price, but that tier of service is the lowest limit for private org repos? I don’t know if I’m even conceptualizing that correctly, my apologies…

The company in question is almost 100% non technical, so the third option you suggested is probably the one to use…I just wan’t to make sure it will be $20/month rather than $40/month, until they need to handle more traffic, of course…

In our terminology Teams are Accounts, but a User/Login is a member of at least one team. Regardless, yes, your description of what can happen is true:

So an individual user creates a team, then can invite other people with completely separate netlify user accounts to work on the team that I created with my user account…this is correct?

This is of course bounded by permissions. If the creator invites them as Owner-level team members, they can invite others. If not, they can’t do anything that would increase the bill on their own; an owner has to approve those changes. More details on permissions here:

(put another way, you’d invite someone as a collaborator if you didn’t want them to invite others or change billing details).

Some other points to address your other questions:

  • Each team has distinct billing details, configured separately, so this is the opportunity to use the client’s billing details in their account.
  • The Pro plan includes the ability to use private org repos (as many as you’d like) as part of its $19/seat pricing; it is not an additional charge.

teams ARE accounts in the eyes of Netlify … this explains so much, actually :slight_smile:

Teams in Netlify are kind of similar to orgs in github, in regards to functionality, it seems…not 100% the same, but a user makes a team, then invites peeps to collab, etc…which is basically what orgs are in github, I think…could be wrong, however…

so…i could theoretically have an infinite number of sites for a client in one “Team” so long as their collective usage does not exceed the thresholds of that tier, I take it?

I think I’m getting it now, thank you :slight_smile:

A related question:

How easy is it to transfer a domain name from one team to another team that are both owned by me? I purchase the name from somewhere, link it to a team, then I want to move that domain to a different team…easy to do? hard to do? impossible to do?

Thank you very much…ummmm…fool???

This is all very helpful :slight_smile:

Well, we do have some limits on the number of sites in a team, but those limits are hundreds to thousands, just not millions :slight_smile:

To answer your questions:

  • If you’ve purchased the name from anywhere except netlify, anyone who is an owner-level member of both teams can transfer through the UI: Netlify DNS | Netlify Docs
  • If you’ve purchased the domain from us, or you are not owner-level on both teams, our Support team can assist in the transfer for you (without downtime). If you’ve purchased the domain through us, we will have to transfer the domain from our account to your account (at to allow that, since we don’t have a good way to transfer the subscription/payment for the domain, so you’d take that back over (or pass on to the client). This will also not cause downtime since we’ll leave everything configured as-is during that transfer and the site and records would continue working at all times.

PS: I go by fool because my grandboss is also named Chris and he founded the company (and was thus here first), so - avoiding namespace collision. Plus setting the stage that I enjoy self-deprecating humor :wink:

Also wanted to mention, @rchrdnsh , that this led to a nice discussion with our UX and documentation team so we’ll try to fix up the information that tripped you up in some way. Really appreciate you being willing to discuss in depth!


oh, well, I am glad to be of help then, and you have been of help to me :slight_smile: