Identity page on is not loading due to a TypeError


When I go to, the page’s components do not load. All I see is the teal-coloured background. Furthermore, once I get this error, going back one page does not help. I have to reload the page for the website to behave again. None of the other tabs trigger this error.

When I navigate to the Identity page with the console open, I get

TypeError: t.isEmpty is not a function
    at YQ (app.bundle.js:2)
    at PQ (app.bundle.js:2)
    at SQ (app.bundle.js:2)
    at Xi (app.bundle.js:2)
    at Es (app.bundle.js:2)
    at yl (app.bundle.js:2)
    at hl (app.bundle.js:2)
    at sl (app.bundle.js:2)
    at app.bundle.js:2
    at t.unstable_runWithPriority (app.bundle.js:2)

I experienced this on Firefox 85.0.2, Safari 14.0.3, and Vivaldi 3.6.2165.36. I am on macOS 11.2.1, if that helps.

Curious question here, was it working previously and you were running some functions to change a users details / user_metadata / app_metadata? This happened to me a while ago where I changed a users roles in the metadata to be a string rather than a string array. Once I changed it to an array the page would load again.

is this still a problem, @willowell ?