Cannot load Identity tab when `roles` value is a string

I cannot load the identity tab on the netlify website for
App ID: aec6e31b-7fe3-4b89-b7a9-18fa04089d2c

As seen above there a loads of segment errors before clicking the identity tab. All other tabs work but identity crashes the site. All other sites within the “team” work.

Error below once clicked the identity tab: image

Made a new site, tab was working, then I registered a user with added app_metadata and now its broken again.

Found the fix / issue. I was applying app_metadata to a user with roles being a string rather than string array. This shouldnt cause netlify to crash though? Interesting case.

glad you figured it out, Aaron! The person who knows most about identity is on PTO this week, but I am going to pass this back to him and we’ll see what he says!