I want to use domain of other and mail of other

Netlify site Name : newtechps.netlify.app
domain : www.newtechps.com
I have added CNAME in where my domain register

I have also added domain name server as requested. In that you said to update but my domain register don’t allow to me update.

Still my website is not showing.

Hi @ritesh.rip,

I can see your website is working fine - this must be a local propagation issue.

However, your DNS setup is not optimal. You have several invalid records:

You should remove all these .nsone records.

Also,your A record is pointing to:

dig A +short newtechps.com

instead, it should point to:

From where I can change it

Your DNS provider - in your case, your domain registrar.

ok… I can find A and AAA in Type. In which I need to add IP

I mentioned it need to be A

Thanks I have added it. Is any thing need to add for email Id