I used a gatsby starter theme which had 95 & 100 rating on google page speed but when i deployed it on netifly it the performance rating is between 80 & 90

The starter theme i used is https://gatsby-serif.netlify.app/ google page speed of this is 95 on mobile and 100 on desktop , i have used the same template and switched few things around - deployed it on netifly (link for that is https://eloquent-goldstine-96f41a.netlify.app/_ and I get a page speed around 85 for both desktop and mobile. is this something you guys can help me figure out? why is it that we have the same website perform differently - is this somethnig to do with the free tier on netifly? If so how does the starter theme which is also hosted on netifly performs / has a above 90 rate on google page speed ?

Can this site (ie.https://eloquent-goldstine-96f41a.netlify.app/) perform better if I used a different host or a paid netifly tier

Thanks for your help.

Hi, welcome to the Netlify community forums @NaveenDK. I’m seeing different results in Chrome’s lighthouse.


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@NaveenDK It appears as though 2/3 of your document is CSS. Have you considered loading that as a separate file?

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Sorry about the slow response , i had to take a break from the project, however I am happy its having a 90+ score on the tool you are using… and I wanted to know which tool (eg: is it google page speed or gtmetrix or the light house tool you’ve used) the best to check the site speed?

Sure will try this …Thanks!