I recently deployed a site to netifly, and the html and css work for the website, but for some reason the java script doesn’t work at all. You can’t click the buttons whatsoever

EllieX (Netlify name)
github project

I inserted two different links above. The first one has the updated files, and the second one has my original code. Can @PocroLoco or @nathanmartin help me out since you all have encountered this problem before? TIA


This isn’t an issue with Netlify @exaudaro

The same thing happens when your project is built locally.

@exaudaro As @dig has pointed out, your project is just plain broken, the error message given in the developer console tells you how.

The issue is entirely unrelated to Netlify, and it occurs for your project even when run with your development server (npm run dev).

While I could assist you to solve it, I’d feel like I was doing you a disservice, as I can tell that you’re doing an entry level “learn to code” course.

As a developer you have to be able to understand/research the problems that you encounter and self-solve.


:clap: :clap:

Chances are it will drive you crazy @exaudaro then suddenly bam you find the solution and you wonder why it took you so long when it was such an easy fix.

Oh the wasted hours I’ll never get back :sob: