My javascript isn't working on my website

My site url:

Hi, I’m a newbie at using netlify and creating apps. I’ve made this simple counter app and I tried deploying it to netlify but none of the javascript is working. It works locally.

I am running it using my linked files from my github repository. I have linked the index.js file with a script tag in my index.html file. For some reason, clicking on this index.js file from the “view page source” screen redirects to a a file that contains my index.html and index.css information. It’s like my javascript file contents have been replaced with this clone of the html and css.

Every time I delete and re-upload, the same thing happens.

I can’t find any solution online that is simple enough for me to understand. I feel like I’m missing something obvious that everyone else seems to know already. Can anyone “explain like I’m 5” how to get my javascript working please?

Many thanks!

Hi @austencloud the Netlify site is throwing an error. Did you delete it?

Hi! Yes, I was trying to get a clean slate. Just fixed the url in the post.

Still wasn’t able to get it working.

Hi @austencloud,

The URL still gives a not found.