javaScript issues

Good day all,

I am having some javaScript issues. It is working perfectly on my local server, but once it is pushed through GitHub and gets published to my website everything (HTML & CSS) works besides my javaScript. I have checked my code and it seems as though it is all correct. I am unsure why everything else works besides my javaScript. It shows everything has all been published on Netlify successfully with no issues as well. I have received no error messages what so ever. I did attempt to reach Ask Netlify, but did not get an answer to resolve the issue.

My netlify site name: weather-app-project3
My link:](

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Hi @tylynnhardy,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Could you let us know how we can reproduce the issue? When I type in a location the app does get updated and shows the new temperature. I’m just not clear what’s not working and how to try it out.