Site don't upload correctly

Hi everybody,
I’m new here and i don’t exactly what’s the problem, but i created a project starting with webpack.
Now i have this repo on github GitHub - mejrimo/keepintech: News site using APIs from Hacker News but if I deploy it to netlify, the app doesn’t work as intended: I can see only what is created with HTML and not the JS part. Maybe is for the env variables or maybe is for the settings. I don’t know what to search for. Please Help me.
Thank you everyone.

Did you check the console:

Looks like it’s failing here: keepintech/index.js at main · mejrimo/keepintech · GitHub

Yes I know, I saw the console, but i think the problem is about the APIs that I put in the .env file, which is not committed to github.

Did you add the environment variables to Netlify UI then?

Yes I did. I solved it now.
The problem was in the webpack.config file… I misspelled the option “systemvars”

Hi @mejrimo Glad to hear it! Thanks for letting us know.