Deployment on netlify


site name:
github: GitHub - IlhanAA/W-App-Project-23
codesandbox: weather app (forked) - CodeSandbox

I coded on codesandbox, transfered my code to vs code, github and then deployed it on Netlify. My app is working fine on codesandbox.
I don’t have an error, the deploy log is complete but my weather app is not looking like how it normally looks like when I deploy it on netlify?

I need help fixing this issue.

@iaa This isn’t happening due to Netlify, but rather due to your own code and files.

If you run npx serve within the folder locally, then view the site via the URL that it provides, you’ll find it shows exactly the same thing as on Netlify.

The issue is that your CSS and JavaScript files aren’t loading.

They aren’t loading because the file paths specified in the index.html are incorrect.

The file locations you’ve specified are:


But you have the files in the root (not in a folder called src):

So to fix you’ll need to either move the files into a folder called src or adjust the file references to remove src.


Thank you so much for your help Nathan! I was able to fix my problem.

this is awesome! thanks for sharing you found your solution!