App running locally but once deployed to netlify I got this message:

  • my netlify site name:
  • the error message displayed:

Something went wrong.

codebase source:

  • no build problems on netlify ( build succeeded)

between this is a redwoodjs tutorial workshop for building a full stack web app. (server-less)

Hey there, thanks for reaching out.

What you are describing sounds like it could be an issue with case sensitivity on our system.

Can you give this a read through and let us know if that fixes the issue?


Hey @perry this seems like a lot of works :sweat_smile:. however I will give it a try and reach out to this thread whenever I got updates related to this issue.

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I got one more remark following the strange behavior of the deployed app, is that when accessing it, it shows up the content and quickly display the error message; do you think it’s related to case-sensitive system, which is Linux as you claimed earlier.

Hi, @ismailalabou. I’m seeing errors in the function logs for that site here:

You will need to troubleshoot those errors as they are the source of this issue.

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Hey @luke, I think you mean this:

is there some plugin/extension/addons, I can intergrade with site so they can help me troubleshoot this problem?

Hi there, after looking at this, i think this is a local issue and not so much a netlify problem. Have you been able to run this locally? if not, you might talk to someone from RedwoodJS.

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hello again, I did mention that the web app was running locally properly (correctly without problems), if that answer your question.

hey @ismailalabou , are you still dealing with this or were you able to resolve your issue?