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Deploying webpack react app stays at "uploading"

Hi Netlify Team, I tried to deploy the same files with Github and also with Netlify API. The Github method worked but not the API method.

repo: https://github.com/yewyewXD/test-deploy

request body when deploying with Netlify API:


    "files": {

        "/package.json": "5804b7f73393d05506c58fe7429762f1129b4dc2",








In the response, the state remains uploading

Hi @yewyewXD,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t your website need building? I mean, API based deploys is for pre-built websites, while it appears that you’re using Webpack to actually build your website. Is that not the case?

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Oh ya you’re right, thank you for pointing that out! I didn’t know it has to be pre-built. :sweat_smile: