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When deploying manually, everything works just fine, but from Github - it's not

Hi there,
After searching some topics here about it, i found that i have a different error than in the posts I read.
When I deploy the build folder manually (drag and drop) to Netlify UI it works just fine, but from Github I get blank page for some reason. Not sure if i’m missing something in the package.json or something. I downloaded the last deploy to see if the index.html is there and it is, so i’m pretty lost.

Original site with github: https://apexnew.netlify.app/ (blank one)
2nd one I deployed manually: https://apexnew2.netlify.app/


Did you check the console:

Yes I did, forgot to put that in the original post.
Now when I think about it, it’s the env.local file which is not in the Github repo that can make it fail.
But i’m still not sure that’s the case.

If you have variables set in the .env.local when building locally @shushu86 and this file isn’t present in GitHub, then those variables will take undefined. Rather than commit this file consider using environment variables set via the Netlify UI

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Thank you! that was the issue, needed to put all the variables there.

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