JS not working when deployed


Hi, the JS works locally for my site however when deployed to Netlify it doesn’t work anymore. If anyone could give me some insight into this that would be great, thank you.

Site name: https://peppy-malabi-acd303.netlify.app

GitHub repo: GitHub - CodingwithSim/unitConversion: A simple metric/imperial unit converter built with HTML, CSS and JS

@codingwithsim It’s not a Netlify related issue, the files just aren’t found:


You’ll find the same thing happens when running npm run build locally, going into your dist folder and then running npx serve.

You can also see why it is happening, (and how to fix it), in the messages that are shown when you run your build:

You’re using Vite and it wants you to put a type="module" attribute on those script tags.

Hey Nathan,

Thank you, much appreciated